History & Beyond

A Sound Base

Working the underground clubs and honing their sound, Fo Da Love Of It, Entertainment has built their fan base with riveting performances and scorching songs filled with hooks and memorable phrases. By their own admission, their music isn't for everyone, but people that truly feel music and are alive.

     Fo Da Love of It Entertainment was founded by Donald (NOMAD) Wallace. Wallace enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1997, shortly after graduating high school in Cleveland, OH. During his time in the military, Wallace was inspired to write his first song entitled "POW MIA", a song where he expressed his mixed feelings about his mother's death. Once his contract ended in 2001 with the Marine Corps, Wallace returned to Cleveland. By this time Wallace gained valueable experience in the music industry and founded Fo Da Love of It Entertainment in 2005. An in house studio was built in 2007, the following year Fo Da Love of It Entertainment became an LLC. Hip Hop group CTS (Cleveland Trend Setterz), which includes Wallace's brother Donte' (Tae Wall) Wallace, became  Fo Da Love of It Entertainment's flag ship act. CTS has built a following in the Cleveland area and is now gaining attention outside of their hometown, booking show in Atlanta, New York, and Detroit to name a few. Continuing to add more talent to their roster, Wallace and Fo Da Love of It Entertainment are positioning it self as an intergal staple in the entertinment industry.